Gridcognition is an integrated and collaborative online platform for planning, optimising, and tracking multi-market, multi-site, and multi-asset decentralised energy projects.

Is it possible to see my project results from a previous version?

Yes, by re-running a previous project design. If you go to the History tab of your project, you can select a previous version (that has gone through the simulation process). To revert back that scenario, choose ‘Fork from Version’ and then ‘Create New Simulation’. You’ll then need to re-run the version that you’ve reverted back to.

Can I still work on the project when the Simulation is running?

No you can’t. However, you can cancel a run if you know there’s something you’re not happy with.


Can you include an inverter replacement cost for a future year for a battery?

(For example, you want to include additional capital costs for inverter replacement 15 years after installation.)

Yes we can future date your hardware capex costs using the Equipment Prices area of the library.


How are Opex costs calculated and what are the units of Opex? It looks like $/kWh with a default for batteries of $5/kWh

Opex are all annual costs that will be billed monthly in the cashflows. So, $5/kWh for storage would end up as an annual Opex of $500 if you had a 100kWh of storage. $42 a month in the cashflows ($500/12 months).


Can I add more than one retail or network tariff to my project (as I’m unsure which one the site is on)?

Yes, if you’re unsure, you can assess the impact of potential tariffs by creating multiple scenarios and applying different tariffs to each.

How do I upload market pricing into the Library? 

At the moment, uploading custom market data is an admin-only feature as the data comes in a wide range of formats. It sometimes needs tweaking so if you need to upload market pricing, contact support@gridcognition.com with the details we will get it sorted out for you.

Why does the customer’s “Certificate” savings stop after 10 years? Is this because LRECs and SRECs still stop in 2030?

Yes. Currently the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) in Australia, which drives the STC and LGC markets, is only set up to run until 2030.

Can I create a tariff in the Network Tariff Library?

You can clone an existing tariff but you can’t create a new one from scratch. If there’s a tariff you would like us to create, just contact support@gridcognition.com with the details.


Will Gridcognition automatically create solar data for a PV system?

Yes. The Gridcognition platform will automatically create a solar system yield using the longitude and latitude coordinates for your site together with the system parameters you specify.. However, if you have third party modelled solar data for a site, perhaps because you’ve used PVsyst or similar software, then you can upload it to your Library and add it to your simulation. So, your two options are: 1) Create the PV asset in Gridcognition and it will be modeled for you or 2) Upload your own solar yield data.


How do I download the data from the Results page?

There’s a download button on each tab. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page and press ‘Download’. Then you can select the format you want to see the data in. Select Crosstab if you need the data in csv format.


Need something else?

We’re building our support library one resource at a time – soon, there will be videos and other resources to help guide you through every part of our software. Remember if you are stuck you can use the project chat feature to ask for help or email our support team.