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Building the future energy system needs bold, decisive action, and the leaders investing in these projects need to be confident they are making the right calls.

These projects integrate energy markets, power networks, customer facilities, and highly flexible & steerable assets. That’s where we can help.

Community Batteries

Embedded Networks

Storage Solutions

Controllable Loads

Local Energy Systems

EV Charging Networks

Virtual Power Plants

Hydrogen Power Systems

Behind-the-meter Renewables



Energy infrastructure used to be owned by only a few large players, but decentralisation is radically enlarging the market. We’re here to help all the players in the new energy system get better outcomes from their decentralised energy projects.

Energy Providers

Offer your customers more options by integrating distributed technology into supply agreements

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Projects Developers

Select the right site and technology options for your projects with bankable financial forecasts

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Consultants & Advisors

Rigorous and complete project assessment to give your clients confidence

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Solution Providers

Simply assess and explain the interactions between your technology and energy markets

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Large Energy Users

Explore new supply options before you invest

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Property Businesses

integrate energy infrastructure into your properties

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