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Technology solutions providers are iterating rapidly, bringing new products to market, and enabling new supply options for energy users and new business models for energy providers.

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The energy sector is changing faster than ever, driven by the twin trends of decarbonisation and decentralisation all underpinned by new inverter-based energy systems, new software platforms for control and orchestration, and the shift towards e-mobility and the electrification of transport.


Solutions providers can work with resellers and systems integrators, or directly with customers from the utility, project development, or property industries. In each case there is a challenge to help their channel partners and customers understand the commercial implications of technology options.

– Will the revenue or increased foot-traffic from installing EV charging points offset the increased costs associated with peak demand?
– Should the battery storage system be used for demand charge management, wholesale market arbitrage or to provide frequency control services?
– How much of the energy generated by the new solar PV system will spill to the grid, and how much will offset the sites greenhouse gas emissions?
– Should these new assets be aggregated to participate in wholesale electricity markets, demand response programs, or to provide network support services?
– What will the payback period be from an investment in new technology? The net present value? The internal rate of return?

We can work with solution providers to accurately reflect the exact behaviour of their products and services in our digital twin technology so that benefits are properly represented. Solution providers or their channel partners can use Gridcognition directly to undertake project assessments, or we can provide branded and customised software options through a partnership.

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Thinking Energy

At Gridcognition, we’re always thinking energy – musings, ponderings, predictions – we can’t get enough of it. Stay up to date and follow our journey as we work to build the software that enables the future of energy around the world. 

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