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An integrated and collaborative online platform for planning, optimising, and tracking multi-market, multi-site, and multi-asset decentralised energy projects.

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Web or SSO (SAML)

Web or SSO (SAML)

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Email & chat

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Planning Module

Tracking Module

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Answers to Your Questions

What is a Project?

Projects in Gridcognition can integrate multiple markets, multiple sites, and multiple assets.

Typical examples of projects could include:

  • Real Estate portfolio of shopping centers or office buildings,
  • University campus,
  • New residential land development with thousands of dwellings,
  • Network of multi-story parking lots with electric vehicle charging,
  • Large behind-the-meter solar farm with battery storage and backup generators for an industrial site,
  • Virtual power plant integrating thousands of small business customers,
  • A group of large warehouse distribution centers with on-site generation and fleets of last-mile electric delivery vans,

The list goes on! 

What is a Site Variation?

Site Variations are the number of different variations of customer sites being modelled each month.

A single customer site with a no solar system or one solar system (2 options), would be 2 Site Variations. Ten customer sites each with five solar-system options would be 50 site variations.
The more site variations the longer simulation and optimisation jobs will take to run, given the same simulation compute resources..

What Compute resources will I need?

The Gridcognition service is compute-intensive and highly parallelized. We will allocate a compute instance to each project simulation, with support for at least X concurrent threads of processing, for example 32 concurrent threads of processing are made available on the Standard plan.

Can I get help with Modelling?

Modelling Support is available to assist users to develop or refine project models using the software, or to interpret project modelling results.

Modelling Support can be requested via email and on-request Gridcognition can provide an estimate of the time required for a given modelling support request.

What is included in Technical Support?

Technical Support is provided to assist users with technical problems and with ‘how do I …’ product usage questions (e.g., ‘how do I export my simulation results to Excel’). Technical support is not intended to be project specific (i.e. not ‘help me create a new project to model EV chargers’).

Technical support is provided by email or by messaging @Gridcognition using the project chat feature.

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