Gridcognition welcomes David Koopmans as Chief Revenue Officer

Written by Hannah

Customer Experience & Marketing Lead | Gridcognition

October 27, 2021

Gridcognition welcomes Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), David Koopmans, to their leadership team. This is a strategic hire that will strengthen the rapidly growing team, and David will lead the company’s commercialisation and growth strategy. 

David’s appointment is another step in the international commercialisation of the company’s unique technology, following the signing of the first UK based customer, and the company’s recent success in claiming a highly sought after grant of AUD $998k through the Australian Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology’s Accelerating Commercialisation Program.

David comes to Gridcognition with a background leading the global expansion of high-growth software companies, most recently with construction tech scaleup Buildxact, and before that leading the go to market strategy at enterprize construction tech company, Aconex, which was acquired by Oracle in 2018 for AUD1.6B. 

CEO Fabian Le Gay Brereton says: “Australia is leading the world in the shift towards distributed energy systems. We’re now trialing our technology with customers in the UK and exploring opportunities in the US, and Japan. David will lead our international market expansion, while continuing to accelerate growth in Australia where we are working with some of the country’s leading energy innovators, including Ausnet Services, Origin Energy, JetCharge, and Evergen.

When asked why he joined Gridcognition, new CRO David Koopmans answered: “Decarbonising the world’s energy systems is one of the most exciting and important challenges we face. To date it’s been too complex for companies looking to make confident investments in the distributed energy space. These projects integrate dynamic energy markets, power distribution networks, customer facilities, and smart inverter-based energy systems like solar, storage, and EV charging. There’s a tremendous opportunity to take Australia’s lead in the adoption of distributed energy resources, and Gridcognition’s unique technology, to help accelerate the energy system transition around the world.”



Have you Met.. David Koopmans

What got you interested in the energy space?

Like many, I’ve been concerned for a long time where the energy space was heading here in Australia. So when you can apply your experience to maybe make a small difference, have a  clear purpose, that’s always interesting. I’m also discovering how much there is to learn!

Oh, and then there is this reminder of why we want to change here in beautiful Gippsland. Took that photo about a week ago, this is about 45 mins from my house but I can’t wait for that to go…

What’s your favourite feature you have worked on so far?

You really don’t want me coding something….

What attracted you to work with Gridcognition?

A combination of the people (founders at that point), a startup with a global ambition and opportunity and the problem that’s being solved. Now that I’ve been here a few days I can tell that there’s a great team behind the company. 

What is something awesome about another member of the team?

Well, it’s early days but I’d have to say that learning that David Yu is a boxer and James a rock climber and Alice does standup were all pretty awesome things to learn. 

Who (outside of Gridcognition) inspires you from a work perspective?

There are lots of people that I’ve worked with that no one will know of; they’re people who just get on with it and make great stuff. If there’s one person, I’d say that Melanie Perkins (Canva’s co-founder and CEO) is someone who inspires me. She shows what’s possible in Australia today. I like my daughters to see women like this in our society and be inspired about the possibilities. Not even the financial success (that follows) but the work and the achievement.


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