Energy Project Modeling

The future of energy is decentralized, digitized, and decarbonized, and those that get there first will be rewarded.

Faster, simpler and more complete, Gridcognition will accelerate confidence in your distributed energy projects.

Project Planning

Modelling of multi-market, multi-site, and multi-asset energy projects, including solar, storage, virtual power plants, community energy systems, and EV charging.

Portfolio Performance

Tracking and re-forecasting the value of portfolios of distributed energy systems, including solar, storage, hydrogen production, flexible loads, and gensets.

Asset Optimisation

Automatic optimisation of asset controls and sizing in project planning and performance tracking models to maximise commercial and environmental value.

The world’s big problems need big nerds to solve them

To build the technology that makes all this possible, we’ve assembled a crack team of energy gurus, software engineers and data scientists.

Thinking Energy

Stay up to date and follow our journey as we work to build the software that enables the future of energy around the world.

Gridcog Team Retreat

As an early-stage tech startup and a child of the Covid era, Gridcog is a fully remote business. We don’t have a permanent office, instead, at any given time we have employees in at least five cities (Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and London) working from home or...

Electrolyser modelling for green hydrogen

The role of hydrogen in our future energy systems is a very hot topic right now. Most folks acknowledge it has a part to play, although debate rages over whether it’s the leading lady or a walk on role. The Yuri project in WA caught our eye as it’s all about replacing...

The economics of public EV charging

We have liftoff The rate of electric vehicle adoption in Australia has finally started to ramp up, and plenty of businesses and brands are jostling to charge all those new EVs. The exam question we’re attempting to answer is, what’s the breakeven sell price in c/kWh...

Modelling the future of community energy

Introducing Indigo Power Indigo Power is a community-owned energy company located in Beechworth, a regional town 300 kms north-east of Melbourne. They are committed to developing Community Energy Hubs that combine local renewable energy generation, storage and energy...

Solar Export Tariffs in GB

  Introduction Our previous post compared the value that residential PV solar owners in Australia can get from the various Feed in Tariff (FiT) schemes in different states. We found that the relative economics of wholesale market prices and FiT schemes varied...

Solar Feed in Tariffs in Australia: Who’s Getting a Raw Deal?

  Introduction In recent years solar feed-in-tariffs (FiTs) in Australia have been falling steadily to reflect both changes to the underlying wholesale markets, but also in acknowledgement by governments that solar no longer needs juicy FiT incentives to fly....