A new energy future is coming, ready or not.

Gridcognition is powerful software to help all the players in the energy system navigate the transition to a decentralised and decarbonised future.

By considering more variables, we bring greater confidence to your new energy project, sooner, whatever your role in the energy system.



We help energy providers offer customers more options, integrating distributed technology into supply agreements.

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We help project developers select the right sites and technology options for their projects,  with bankable financial forecasts.

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We help consultants undertake rigorous and complete project assessments so their customers can avoid costly mistakes.

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We help solution providers assess and explain the interactions between their technology and energy markets.

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We help large energy users explore new supply options before they invest, and then to track and optimise performance.

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We help land and property developers, and real-estate investment trusts, integrate energy infrastructure into their properties.

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We believe the future energy system will be renewable, electrified, and fully distributed.

The $3.5 trillion a year fossil fuel industry will disappear by 2050 and over $10 trillion will be invested in solar, wind and batteries ﹣ and this investment will be increasingly be in smaller, smarter, and more distributed assets.

Solar systems and battery storage scale down and are being installed close to loads to reduce energy transport costs and to enable co-optimisation with loads: electric vehicle charging, industrial and commercial load control, and home energy management systems.

Large-scale generators and large centrally managed power grids will increasingly give way to expanding distributed energy systems within microgrids, embedded networks, virtual power plants, community energy systems, and behind-the-meter renewable power systems.

What is Gridcognition?

We’re here to help the people rolling out new energy assets to get both the best economic outcome for their stakeholders and the best environmental outcome to tackle the climate crisis.


Gridcognition enables you to  create a digital twin to explore and optimise your new energy options, before you change a thing.


As you implement your projects, you can update the digital twin to automatically syncronise with your deployed assets.


Gridcognition automatically tracks technical and commercial performance of assets to continually re-optimise the project design.

Thinking Energy

At Gridcognition, we’re always thinking energy – musings, ponderings, predictions – we can’t get enough of it. Stay up to date and follow our journey as we work to build the software that enables the future of energy around the world.

Aggregating the future in the US

Aggregating the future in the US

In September 2020, the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued Order 2222, which removed barriers to the participation of distributed energy resources (DERs) in wholesale electricity markets for energy, capacity, and ancillary services. DERs including roof-top...

Battery Storage in a 5-minute Market

Battery Storage in a 5-minute Market

  On 1 October 2021 the National Electricity Market on Australia’s east coast will take the significant step of moving from 30-minute to 5-minute settlement. This will doubtless have lots of interesting ramifications, one of which is likely to be that anyone who...