Energy Project Modeling

The future of energy is decentralized, digitized, and decarbonized, and those that get there first will be rewarded.

Faster, simpler and more complete, Gridcognition will accelerate confidence in your distributed energy projects.

Project Planning

Modelling of multi-market, multi-site, and multi-asset energy projects, including solar, storage, virtual power plants, community energy systems, and EV charging.

Portfolio Performance

Tracking and re-forecasting the value of portfolios of distributed energy systems, including solar, storage, hydrogen production, flexible loads, and gensets.

Asset Optimisation

Automatic optimisation of asset controls and sizing in project planning and performance tracking models to maximise commercial and environmental value.

The world’s big problems need big nerds to solve them

To build the technology that makes all this possible, we’ve assembled a crack team of energy gurus, software engineers and data scientists.

Thinking Energy

Stay up to date and follow our journey as we work to build the software that enables the future of energy around the world.

AWS Managed Pubsub with Authorization

This is a technical blogpost from our CTO, Sam Thorogood. Amazon provides a managed GraphQL service called AppSync. GraphQL supports queries, mutations and also this nebulous concept called subscriptions—these allow participants to observe other mutations as they...

Energy Guide: Australian Federal Election 2022

The federal election is barrelling towards us, or perhaps not coming fast enough. Regardless, you may be wondering what the parties battling for our votes have planned for Australia’s energy system. Unfortunately for the informed elector and mercifully for the author...

Gridcognition selected for London Tech Week ANZ Trade Mission 2022

Following a competitive application process, Gridcognition has been selected as a delegate for the UK Government's 2022 London Tech Week ANZ Trade Mission and our team couldn't be more excited! London Tech Week is Europe’s largest technology festival and it attracts...

What does seasonal variation mean for the NEM?

Is the NEM a winter or a summer peaking market? Australian summers are hot, so summer, right? Right? Well, it’s not quite so simple. Let’s look at each of the five regions in the NEM, explored in the glorious Neapolitan palette of the Grand Budapest Hotel. 1. These...